You’re Welcome!

Thank you note

I got this note yesterday from Alex, who I assume is a student*. My music was used in a production of “Beowulf” at Chatham Academy. It is one of the cooler thank you notes I’ve gotten. :-)




* The lines in the paper are quite far apart. As schooling progresses, the space between the lines tends to diminish from Extra-Wide in elementary school to Really Really Narrow in grad school. This paper appears to be pretty wide – probably middle school.

On the other hand, while still popular now, the name “Alex” peaked in absolute terms around 1988. On average**, Alex would be about 26 years old. There is also the cursive handwriting. I can’t really read cursive and have not penned it since that one test in second grade. From my experience, people who write in cursive tend to have been born in the 1960s or before (~50+ years old).

Taking all the information into account – I would profile Alex as a 55-year-old middle-schooler… which is probably wrong.

So, anyway Alex… faculty or student doesn’t matter… You’re welcome!

** Actually, it is the mode.

P.S. Yes, this is how my brain works.