Destiny Day!

The The Contemporary Classical Composer’s Bullshit Generator gave me the following paragraph. I wrote a piece for it… Enjoy!

My work has been seminal in the development of ‘structuredly-non-linear symmetrical-music’, a highly intellectual, and rather repetitive genre. My newest piece studies, experiences and isomorphically dominates a variety of structured tension-hemiolas. In short, the method must never present the sound-world. I never examine continuities, despite the fact that any gesture or non-linearity can be, and has been interpreted as a rather orchestrally-monophonic set of ‘canon-aerophones’. In my most recent work, vibrations, materials and rhythmic oscillations are all used within chaotically-transdisciplinary gestures, allowing the audience to improvise a variety of symbolic idioms. I am very much influenced by the idea of dismissing popular solos, particularly whilst combined with a highly polyrhythmic approach to spaces.

Also it loops back on itself for hundreds of hours of uninterrupted goodness!
Download 3 tempos and individual parts here.

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I do loves me some “structured tension-hemiolas”!

Again thanks to VlogBrothers for their support! :-) DFTBA!