Stuff Review: Hexy

Hexy from Valcour Games.

Today’s stuff review is virtual stuff… possibly the best mobile game I’ve ever played; Hexy (available for iOS and Android). It is free, but give them the $2 if you like the game.

So, why is this game so good?
It is beautiful. The artwork leads to very pleasing combinations of colour and form. I’ve considered doing a painting of some of the game boards. They really do look good enough to put up on a wall.
It is simple. Tap a hex and it rotates. Line up all the forms, and you win! Doesn’t get much easier than that.
It demands no time. If you have 30 seconds and you’re stressed out in line at the store, Hexy gots what you need! If you have a 45 minute wait at the ER, and you need to not be reminded of the searing pain you’re in… Hexy is your friend!
It has no end. These are not people-made puzzles. They are procedurally generated… You can play thousands of games and not repeat a board.
It is satisfying. There are a pile of tiny logic problems that spider out into larger logic problems. You can play on three sizes of boards, so if the large board causes issues – just move to a smaller one!

The music is excellent! Just kidding. There is no music. It is the Hello Kitty of the game world. Its personality is whatever you want it to be. Casual poking? Speed running? Something else? Hexy is THERE for you! Hexy is my friend. It keeps down the anxiety. It makes pretty things to look at. Go get it and make yourself a friend! :-)