Yay! I won a thing!

Thanks to everyone for the translations!

The next winner provided the building blocks for millions of freelance artists videos without asking for anything back… the St. Martin of the internet. The international honor price goes to Kevin MacLeod!

“Web-videos without music seem a bit wrong – undynamic, lifeless, empty. The free access to music makes a difference, especially for web-video-producers. 20 years ago one man started a website where he gave his music to literally every one. Since that day the composer created more than 2000 pieces, that gave life to more than 1000 movies and more than 3 million YouTube-videos. Hollywood-movies, cat videos, “let’s plays” and porn. Every genre takes his music and just needs to do one thing: To mention his name – Kevin MacLeod.”

He gave wings to the creativity of the whole web-video-community with what he did over decades and he inspired the debate about copyright and licenses.