Lively Lumpsucker

Naming is very important when it comes to instrumental music. In this case, I wanted to make sure anyone making videos
of Lumpsuckers would find this. It may have been better served with a broad title having to do with slapstick comedy
or cute cats, but I think I got the lumpsucker market cornered!
Pimpled lumpsucker? Yup. Bumpy lumpsucker? You bet! Toad lumpsucker? Absolutely! All the lumpsuckers!

Hijinks, antics, shenanigan, tomfoolery! We got it all here for you! Solo out of tune piano for all of your slapstick needs! Sheet music available (More button). You can download this piece with all the parts plus bonus record-destressed version plus a normal piano – and all of these also at a faster tempo here!