Three New Ones!


From what I can tell, this piece has no genre… it is an odd mix of a few things, but not enough of any one of them to be considered a member of that group. So, when you find a new critter which is certainly a new species… likely a new genus… probably a new family… and seriously might be a order. It has an exoskeleton, gives birth to live young (asexually somehow?), has a beak… We recognize all those parts, but it doesn’t fit anything. Might be a new phylum.

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So, you got an action movie set in India with an awesome badass antihero who just kills people with her mind. Boy, have I got the music for your introductory scene! Serious badassery going down here. This piece is sharp and crisp and just cool.

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While not an epic hour-long relaxation juggernaut, Soaring is an excellent relaxation workhorse with just enough mystical qualities to keep it from being truly peaceful. Imagine a calm monkey hanging out at a remote monastery who, from time to time, will touch a tree – causing the tree to age a decade in a matter of seconds. I mean… still pretty calm, but something isn’t right about that.

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