Future Score

Episode 1: Saturday November 12, 1PM Central

On Twitch.tv

     A Man Upstairs - Spoken Word Audio - 3.5 minutes
     Estimated time: 45 minutes

     Mr. Leg, the legless pigeon - Intro Theme - 8 seconds
     Estimated time: 20 minutes

     Dead in Space - Feature Film - 1.5 minutes
     Estimated time: 2 hours

     Opinion-Ville - Theme Music - 10 seconds
     Estimated time: 20 minutes

     Extra-time Bonus:
          Thumb Wrestling Mockumentary - 7 minutes/multipart
          Estimated time: 7+ hours

The concept

2016: Google Magenta – an AI that creates music – is announced. It isn’t great, but shows promise.

2018: Magenta is paired with advanced humanizing techniques and high-quality synthesis. It starts to sound pretty good.

2021: Several dozen AIs are on the scene, specializing in Pop, Horror, Comedic, and a host of other genres. Most user created content uses these early AIs – as they are cheaper than licensing existing music.

2023: The first major feature film composed entirely by a computer opens.

2024: More music is created by AIs than people.

The year is now 2026. Working composers have pretty much been replaced by AIs that take existing music, analyze media, and crank out endless variations.

For now, I’m doing it the old-fashioned way. Taking the DNA of music samples you choose, I combine them into something new that fits the needs of your project. I imagine this is how things will work in the future – but I’m doing it now! Just a LOT slower.

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