Not Christmas-y!

Special Spotlight

So you’re producing an interview segment! Problem is most people suck at being interviewed. Like… almost everyone. What do you do? You could send the non-media professional to an improv class, you could do 5 pre-interview coachings, or you could schedule a 3-day “pre-interview” at an all-inclusive beach resort in hopes that you will “share a moment” and uncover some goddamn humanity in your interview subject.
Or. You could just put some interesting music behind the segment. If your crap interview is longer than this piece Do NOT loop this music – fire your editor.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Too Cool

You know when you watch a vampire movie and then you walk out into the real world, but you’re still sort of in the fictional world because it looked like the real world… and that’s where you are now. I call this Persistence of Fiction, and it feels awesome! Capture some fiction by playing this track while walking to the bus… er the Vampire Bus! or waiting in line at the Vampire DMV or sorting Vampire Direct Mail Ads or doing some Vampire Macrame.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!