Djinn-djinn fizzle.


Ok, I might be crying a little bit. But it is understandable… I went to a party store, and I saw all the colorful balloons with happy sayings on them like “Get Well” and “Feel Better” and “A Hug for You”… I just started thinking how the helium will all be gone one day. Just gone… we won’t get it back, and it took millions of years of radioactive decay to get the helium we have now… and… *sniff* we just don’t have millions more years to wait for more. They’re wasting helium in balloons… how can I possibly “Feel Better”!?
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Mystery Bazaar

Well met, traveller! Come warm by my brazier… Is that a Djinn in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Hah! I have a joke with you! …unless it is a djinn – then you must leave immediately! …unless that would offend the djinn – then you must stay! …unless the djinn is going to kill me – then you must leave immediately! …unless it will save me from a fate worse than death – then you must stay! Oh good… it was an erection. Uncompressed download comes with a faster version.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Hidden Wonders

Would you like to sample my wares? I specialize in non-djinn-infested housewares! Djinn-free spoons, Djinn-free curtains, Djinn-free spices, mostly Djinn-free oil lamps, Djinn-free flying carpets (still magic, but not Djinn powered). Come on in to Gazeem’s Discount mostly-Djinn-free Housewares Tent! You won’t be disappointed… unless you want a Djinn, then go see Maghrib.
You can download the full uncompressed files here!