Problems with “Concentration”

I published a piece called “Concentration”.
Someone called Krzysztof Janiewicz took my piece, and started selling it as his own composition.

This causes problems. Most notably, people are getting caution letters from YouTube’s Content ID.
There is a window of opportunity where this can happen, between when I publish something, and it gets onto the Content ID whitelist (it needs to be done by a human at YouTube). Well, this guy hit that window and people are flipping out…

Do not panic!

1) Contest the claim.

Krzysztof Janiewicz should release it, and you will get your ad revenue, and there should be no more problems! (while we wait for the whitelist to kick in)

If you do contest it and they reject the contest then
2) Let me know!

I’ve already contacted my lawyer about getting it pulled from the online stores where I found it. If you are Krzysztof Janiewicz, probably a good idea to pull my music from your distribution sooner than later. If you know Krzysztof Janiewicz, please inform him of this.