Friday Roundup!


I made the rounds for an interview on Ron’s Amazing Stories!
It has been a few years, and I’m happy to be invited back!!

I got the best drop of new, quality Public Domain music I’ve ever gotten from You can get the music direct from him (and leave a nice note, because this stuff is NICE!) or you can fumble around to find it at!

Sheet Music!

I don’t generally produce sheet music of my stuff… You know who did? Brandon!
He sent me very serviceable PDF versions of 5 piece that did not exist in notated form before today!
Cyborg Ninja, Happy Happy Game_Show, March of the Spoons, Overworld, and Pixelland You can always check the descriptions of my music to see if there is sheet music available… you will almost always be disappointed.

Again with the Music??

Oh man… this one is nice…

This one features the “1-take level” of sax talent that is Mr. Steve Johnson. I know. I was there! Big props to real musicians who make a producer’s life so much easier.

Free to use in all your project things (with credit of course).