A Public Apology

Yesterday, I was informed through Adsense policy that this site contains sensitive material.

Google does not allow the monetization of content that may be sensitive, tragic, or hurtful. While we believe strongly in the freedom of expression and offer broad access to content across the Web without censoring search results, we reserve the right to
exercise discretion when reviewing sites and determining whether or not we are able to provide a positive user experience delivering contextually targeted ads to a site with this type of content.

If anyone was hurt by insensitive or hurtful use of logarithmic graph paper, I apologize. That was never my intention.

Here is the page in question…

I understand some types of graph paper may be difficult to talk about, but ignoring logarithmic graph paper will not make logarithmic graph paper magically go away.
Please keep the conversation going. Talk to your friends and family about logarithmic graph paper.

[I have already requested a manual review of this classification.]


October 7th Update: The manual review was a success! Logarithmic Graph Paper is no longer deemed sensitive or hurtful!

It is now classified as “content-free”. So, same result – better classification!