Turkey’s dead! Bring on the Christmas tunes!

Nouvelle Noel

I say! It is such a lovely brisk day! Aren’t the horses lovely? I mean… look at all the horseness they have! They are scoring quite high on the horse-o-meters today! Nothing bovine on this street, Nay! … … … Wait… I was trying to make a joke involving a horse’s “neigh” combined with the archaic positive/negative usage of “nay”. Then everything went wrong, and I said almost the opposite of the intention. So, without the joke: Picture a street where the only animals are the horsiest of horses… No cows or pigs. Okay, there are two dogs… but one of them is pretty small… and you can see a cat in one of the windows… but MOSTLY horses. If you added up the weights of all the non-horse, non-humans in the picture, they would weigh less than one horse.
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