Podcasts about the FUTURE!

I’m trying very hard to live in the future. A future where I don’t need
to touch light switches because the room knows what kind of light is needed. A future where copyright is reasonable. A future where transportation doesn’t suck. A future where the octopuses have their rightful seats on Earth 1’s Privy Council.

Next time you’re looking for new podcasts, try out some FUTURE podcasts!

Podcast #1: 2100

Jason Peters hosts “2100”, which is about the year 2100, and sometimes addressed to the people of 2100. This is the reason podcasts exist. Real people talking about their fears, expectations, and hopes of something they care about. It’s just like talking to some of your more interesting friends who are interested in the FUTURE!

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Podcast #2: Our Ludicrous Future

Tim Dodd, Ben Sullins, and Joe Scott talk weekly about electric cars, space missions, and rockets. Each of the hosts specialize in one area and there is a lot of good explanation on the news of stuff that is building our FUTURE!

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