Calculator One!

Calculator One! for iPad.

Lots of people don’t know that the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator.
If you’ve tried getting a calculator, you will quickly discover the horrors of some developers. The ads, costs, and subscriptions for the most basic of apps is insane!

This app is fast, small, and best of all it doesn’t care about you in ANY WAY!

Features Included
– Free
– No ads
– No tracking
– No subscriptions
– No in-app purchases
– No nag screens
– No clicky audio
– No haptic feedback
– No camera access
– No microphone access
– No network access
– No contacts access
– No preferences
– No notifications
– No automotive extended warranties
– Automatic light and dark modes
– 3 lines of calculation history
– Continuous factorial function (not just integers)
– Delete button
– Custom calculation engine allows for really big numbers
– Automatically switches to E notation for numbers with a lot of 0s
– Pretty

Go get it! It is both free, and good!