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Chat GPT4 makes graph paper!

It does take an extra step, but it figured it out in python! The Prompt: Please write a python script using fpdf that will output a file “my-grid.pdf” which is a landscape a4 pdf file with a background color of

Music AI Review: Boomy

What it does: You choose a genre, get some music. Is it good? No. When will it get good? Probably never. I got the $35 annual subscription, so I will review it later this year, but my expectations are low.

Music AI Review: Tone Transfer

What it does: You give it some audio, and it changes the audio into an instrument.     There is a website you can play with: The real power is with the Plug-ins available for your DAW. I’ve used

Music Catalog Available for any AI Training Project

Attention AI Researchers and really, just anyone who trains these things: I really like what you folks are doing, but there are complaints rumbling over at the Music Publisher’s Association that training on their property would mean infringing the United

Composerish: The Podcast

Want to hear me talk EVERY MONDAY? Composerish: The podcast where Kevin MacLeod and Bryan Teoh talk about composer-ish things like virtual instruments, cocktails, and public transportation.


Well, we all survived that whole holiday season. No reason to get back to the grind just yet! Here’s a couple hours of calm.