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Filmmakers have one more reason to visit! Check it out. They have variable aspect ratios, optional description lines, and an optional title line. I’m sure people will request more features, but for now it works pretty well!

More ways to measure time

Monthy Calendars now have 2 new options to measure time; Inset day of year, and week numbers! Many people from many countries have wanted the week numbers, and they appear to be a hit. They’re more complicated than you might

Yearly Calendar Upgrade

A long-time formatting issue with the dates on the Yearly Calendar PDFs have been fixed! Also, the problem has been fixed with 0-byte length returns on the yearly calendars, so you get them more reliably now with browser plug-ins. I’m

General Ledger

If the big ledger sheets I have are too complex for your needs, I now have simple general ledgers available! 2 Column ones are for simple Credit / Debit… 3 columns are for… hrmm… I’m not sure – but they

Bold Major Axes

Graph Paper with Bolded Major Axes Well – not by default, but it is an option now. There’s a checkbox that makes all your Cartesian dreams come true… if you dream of an origin roughly in the center of the


Hey! If you’re Norwegian, you’re in luck! I just added support of Norwegian calendars.