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International Graph Paper Day

It is now April 22nd, and you know that means. International Graph Paper Day. And to celebrate, we at incompetech have done some massive upgrades to our services! Faster scripts, smaller files, better color pickers, fewer errors… just all around

Enter the Octagon

Can you cover a plane with regular octagons? Heck no! But that doesn’t stop people from asking… What are they looking for? This (Octagon) ! As a side bet… While doing this, I did find a way to cover a

Moorish Gridwork

I don’t know much about Moorish tessellations, but I got a request and it seems this type of thing would be useful. It took a few hours, but it should save many people much time. Have a look!

Music Notation and Note-taking

I’ve had an astonishing five requests for Cornell note-taking coupled with music notation in the last couple of months. I suspect the demand for this is pretty darned high, so here’s version one: Note-Taking Plus Music Notation Enjoy!

Work People and Film Folks

By special request, there is not a month-on-a-page calendar that only shows Monday through Friday (or whatever Monday and Friday are called in those other languages…) Nifty, huh? Also by request of a friend of mine, the Storyboard maker

Cross-plot grid PDF Generator

Ok, I don’t know what to call this thing. I got a request for this today, and it was pretty simple to do. I’ve seen these types of grid with data plots before. Be careful with this, as it can