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Ok, I get it. Facebook is cool. I’m there.

Up Very Late

I did something incredibly lame; and I admit that. Let me talk you through the process. I was up very late last night listening to the LifeZero show. One of the hosts, Ben Durbin, I recognized from the “MacBreak Tech”

Woefully Behind

Sorry everyone that is just getting email replies today. I was woefully behind, I’m afraid. (Still am, a little bit). Oh, and if you’re “David” your email failed… so I’m posting my reply here: > Hello,My name is David,I am


Today, I tried to search on’s box codes and sizes. I started a page: A Catalog of Box Sizes It needs help, though. If you have a box (with the Amazon logo on it) – please take a

Basic Rant

I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve been on the intercom all day and have not read a useless rant about something inane… like furniture delivery.” Well, friends – look no further! I do not expect reasonable furniture delivery to come


I’m officially on vacation for the next week. Cheers!