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Up Very Late

I did something incredibly lame; and I admit that. Let me talk you through the process. I was up very late last night listening to the LifeZero show. One of the hosts, Ben Durbin, I recognized from the “MacBreak Tech”

Woefully Behind

Sorry everyone that is just getting email replies today. I was woefully behind, I’m afraid. (Still am, a little bit). Oh, and if you’re “David” your email failed… so I’m posting my reply here: > Hello,My name is David,I am


Today, I tried to search on’s box codes and sizes. I started a page: A Catalog of Box Sizes It needs help, though. If you have a box (with the Amazon logo on it) – please take a

Basic Rant

I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve been on the intercom all day and have not read a useless rant about something inane… like furniture delivery.” Well, friends – look no further! I do not expect reasonable furniture delivery to come


I’m officially on vacation for the next week. Cheers!

On Audio Compression

Ok, my synth MIDI controller is down, and now my piano MIDI controller is gone. So it looks like a few days of just talking. Audio compression! Hoo, boy! This is going to be fun. Audio compression has nothing to