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Kevin is out of ideas for music. Do you have any? Email them to me! The more odd or specific the request, the better the chance I’ll pick it to produce it. If you request “more rock music”… I’m probably

Fantastic Four

New movie review now online!

On the Trail of the iPhone

If you don’t already know what the iPhone is, you won’t be excited about this… but it has browsed my site… so someone out there is already using one! Read more about the iPhone Visit!

Updates all-around!

I’ve not been posting much music – but I have been making some. There’s about 12 pieces in the works right now. Also, working on updating the back-end database. I’m in the middle of making the switch from Sony’s Acid

Hokey Ker-Smokers!

Well… there’s been a pile of upgrades going on here. Here’s the tour! The NameDB just got a major data infusion – adding 24% more names! (that’s a lot of names). The Graph Paper landing page was out-of-hand, so I

Super Reorganization

The entire royalty-free music section of my site is revamped. I’ve been working on setting this up for a couple of weeks. It isn’t complete, but it is better than what I had – so I switched it. Behold! It