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New Host Issues

I got a new host for my traffic – which in theory provides enough bandwidth. However, the number of processes is limited, so I’m attempting to get an upgraded plan. The traffic is being serviced right now, just at a


Okay, long story short – BlueHost does not have unlimited bandwidth, they merely will not tell you what the upper limit is, because the number is squishy. I can tell you that 60Gb per day is above the limit, but


Ok, everyone, time to be a little calm… My new host “Bluehost” has suspended my ‘unlimited transter’ account for… using too much bandwidth. That’s not a joke. It is possible to use too much bandwidth on an “unlimited transfer” account.

Server Cut-over

In theory… everything in the music section should be working. Let me know if you find something that is not working – but be cool about it, I probably won’t reply if there are lots of issues. Thanks. – Kevin

Don’t Panic!

Somehow, I’ve managed to overuse the bandwidth on’s top plan, and I need to find a new hosting provider to keep the music coming. Currently, we’re switching to BlueHost – which should have the capacity. So, if you have

No more Amazon Donations

Amazon has discontinued their Honor-System donation program. You can still donate through PayPal, or check… if you’re okay with my leisurely pace of getting to a bank. Oh! If you’re in Canada – please don’t send me a mail-order. There