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Cold, but never frigid.

Andrea’s Theme This is my favorite piece that perfectly captures a slightly grown-up sound, but still sounds like a 1990s-era action-drama. Old Way: Synthesized Electric Piano New Way: Actual EP Recordings that are built into virtual instruments that are then

Happy New Year!

Jet Fueled Vixen Griggs! I’ve been poisoned! You gotta get me the antidote! Then you gotta get… like a crane, or something to lift this truck off me! She dropped a truck on me, Griggs!!! Then, if you could find

Stupidest Most Glorious Thing I’ve ever done!

Miami Nights – Main Theme Did you ever wake up one day and think, “I should write an entire soundtrack treatment for a reboot of an early 90s tv action-drama that will probably never get produced!” Of course you didn’t.

Sexy times!

Smooth Lovin This one got turned up to 11. I started producing this as a parody… then I really started liking it, so I guess it is a pastiche now? Oh, man… I wish there was an allowance for pastiche

Whadda you? Some kinda flatfoot?

Hard Boiled You’re looking for the low-down, huh? That’s going to take lettuce. You want the dope? the scoop? the skinny? Ten bucks a day plus expenses. No negotiations. I ain’t no fourth-rate gumshoe – but a ducky shincracker like

All right, Alexander… Game on.

Yeah, I don’t see any similarities at all.