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Trotsky ’til you dropsky!

Apero Hour Cool jazz. I’m going to warn you now, that organ line gets stuck in your head really easily… like an icepick in a Marxist revolutionary. Too soon? You can download the full uncompressed files here!

Roomba Home Training.

Bossa Antigua Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my pad. My favorite parts are the view of the beach, and this very groovy orange shag-carpeting on the walls. I still haven’t been able to teach my Roombas

Holiday Time!!

I was really excited about Christmas music this morning. I started decorating a tree and writing this… then I realized it was too early, so I gave up. The opening is pretty useful! So… Good enough! You can download it

Prepare for an ONSLAUGHT… of smooth jazz.

Backbay Lounge This is cool. You can walk into a dinner party, grab a glass of prosecco, kiss the host, then casually defuse a large bomb one second before the timer runs out. That level of cool. Maybe you’re not

Alexander Nakarada

If you are working in live theatrical productions, and need some music… there’s new options for you! You can get background music and original songs made specifically for your production. I know the fear and hatred you have when a

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Jerry Five Sort of a cooler, driving piece. Lots of space in this piece to make it your own. I don’t mean “make it your own” in that sort of way you do where you mark all the pancakes on