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Senior Tech Lesson #6: Crowdfunding Cipher

Melon Drop

Just found out about Melon Drop for iPad. For an indie game, it is super pro on the graphics and level design. Also, it is free. Also, it is fun… Except for level 19, which is darned near impossible. Also,

Relaxy Shrimps

Because I needs me some relaxing today… This uses an “older” piece of mine Silver Blue Light Enjoy the shrimp!


“Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda” For some reason, I freaking love gorillas. These are some unsettlingly up-close ones… with a cool soundtrack. :-)

getting ahead

Spectacular animation. No more info needed!

Connect5 NeoN

Here is a nicely polished game that is free until October 26th, 2012. Connect5 NeoN. Go get yours now if you have an iPad! I played it a bit… and if you play on the easiest difficulty – you can