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DimensionBucket interview

One of my better interviews: DimensionBucket. It is about half an hour. Had a great time on this one! Enjoy. – Kevin

Thomas Tessier

Here’s a nice slow teaser trailer for a new horror film slated for 2014 based on the works of Thomas Tessier. Get the original piece here.

The Bugle! and some other stuff…

Super thanks to Andy Zaltzman for the super mention on the newest Bugle episode! It is that time of year again! Join Martyn, Toby, Lewis, and Henry for their annual Minecraft Christmas ADVENTure! There is a new episode EVERY DAY

Vikingeborgen (The Viking Fortress)

It does have English subtitles for if you’re not Danish. Great little documentary. Great uses of music.


Senior Tech Lesson #6: Crowdfunding Cipher

Melon Drop

Just found out about Melon Drop for iPad. For an indie game, it is super pro on the graphics and level design. Also, it is free. Also, it is fun… Except for level 19, which is darned near impossible. Also,