Category: Sightings

Chocolate Quadcopter

Sometimes you ask yourself “why?”, and then realize the answer doesn’t matter. This is cool!

You’re Welcome!

I got this note yesterday from Alex, who I assume is a student*. My music was used in a production of “Beowulf” at Chatham Academy. It is one of the cooler thank you notes I’ve gotten. :-)   —  

Mount Your Friends

Cool party game. I got a music call-out from both Sips and PewDiePie! It is like I’m talented, or something! :-) Available on X-Box on Steam.

Captain America – Theater Of War

This is a really great animation. Excellent use of music from this site. Enjoy!


I did some music and also voice work for this. I downloaded it, but haven’t had time to play it yet. Looks great. You need pretty recent hardware to run this… super graphics, and all. Evhacon

DimensionBucket interview

One of my better interviews: DimensionBucket. It is about half an hour. Had a great time on this one! Enjoy. – Kevin