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Terraria: The Animated Series – Ep 1

Chocolate Quadcopter

Sometimes you ask yourself “why?”, and then realize the answer doesn’t matter. This is cool!

You’re Welcome!

I got this note yesterday from Alex, who I assume is a student*. My music was used in a production of “Beowulf” at Chatham Academy. It is one of the cooler thank you notes I’ve gotten. :-)   —  

Mount Your Friends

Cool party game. I got a music call-out from both Sips and PewDiePie! It is like I’m talented, or something! :-) Available on X-Box on Steam.

Captain America – Theater Of War

This is a really great animation. Excellent use of music from this site. Enjoy!


I did some music and also voice work for this. I downloaded it, but haven’t had time to play it yet. Looks great. You need pretty recent hardware to run this… super graphics, and all. Evhacon