Recently, my site has been upgraded in the Google rankings. I’m now number 8 for “Royalty free music”. I’ve been getting a super duper big pile of requests recently. I’m trying to keep up with everything, but it is taking some time, and I probably need to change the site to make the FAQs more prominent.
As a general rule, if you really need me to respond to something – KEEP BUGGING ME. It is perfectly acceptable. Also, donating money will get my attention. Seeing how many files are being downloaded, I should ask for money more.
So, please send money. I write music for a living; and I’d like to continue doing that.
- Kevin

African Stuffs

Hi everyone. It has been a while. I’m working on a theater project, and I don’t have much time to do new free stuffs. But I did do one today.

For some reason, I got 4 unrelated emails in 4 consecutive days – all about my African compositions. That is very very odd. That brings the one-year total to 6. I took it as a sign, and wrote another piece.

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Falcon Banner, Pasokon, Chew, et al.

Audio Dramas: The Falcon Banner
These are very very cool, check them out. I did episodes 2 and 4, but you’ll want to get 1 and 3 or it won’t make sense.
Audio Adaptation: Pasokon
I believe this in an audio adaptation of a comic; and it is pretty nice! Good voice acting; good story; very good production… It is just plain good! I recommend checking this out – especially if you’re into Anime.
Theatrical Short: Dancing for Peanuts
This is a silent-era period piece shot in HD; The first piece I’ve done in HD… actually the first time I’ve _seen_ HD. It looks lovely! I did a full custom score for it, but I don’t think it is online yet.
Theatrical Featurette: Chew
I’ve seen the rough cut of this. I recommend not reading the plot blurb before seeing the piece, as it is a crazy spoiler. Screening In July in New York.
Geometry Demo: How Round is your Circle
I’m in a multimedia addendum(?) to a soon to be published book from Chris Sangwin (School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham). I’ve not seen the book, but from what I can tell it is a non-technical geometry book.
Website: Uri Planet

I hear I’m somewhere on this site… note sure where. But I likes the Russia.
More to come soon… I’m way behind on my email.

Obsession, Vampires, Downtime

DVD Product: Extreme Downtime
I’m not certain on which of the DVD’s my music is featured, but it is on something! Personally – I just like the concept of Extreme Downtime! Woohoo! Relaxation!! [website]
Feature Film: Dance with a Vampire
I just got a DVD of this one in the mail, and despite what the credits page says – my music is definitely used in it. Heck, it is used in the opening scene! It is quite a long film (almost 2 hours) but the makeup effects are very very good. [website]
Featurette: Obsession
I don’t know a lot about this one… other than it was submitted to Progeny Film Festival in Blacksburg, VA
and has a runtime of 20 minutes. Soon to be seen in Norway and Ontario, Canada? Not sure – I’ll keep you updated when I am futher updated. [no site available]