Month: November 2008

Scoring Help: Part One

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I feel like it should really be called Australia!. Because it’s big! And epic! And just over two and a half hours long! And exhausting! *ahem* Let me try again. Nicole Kidman is Lady Sarah Ashley, aristocratic Englishwoman. I know,

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Electronic Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! An electronic piece added today: One Sly Move A slow relaxed electronic piece. If you like the pairing of EPs and Synths, then you’ll definitely like this piece. This piece heavily utilizes the EP as well as

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Timeless Wednesday

Thanksgiving is almost here! New piece today On the Passing of Time A slow somber piece, great for sad or emotional scenes.

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Funky additions

Just Nasty A bit of horn section with a nasty beat and a smackin’ snare. Flutey Funk The flute carries the main line while the bass and the kit are the background. This is a much lighter piece and will

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Sunny Saturday

In contrast to many of the dark, dark pieces I’ve done of late – I’ve been getting requests for something less glum. This piece is downright shiny! Sunshine

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