Month: October 2009

Small Worlds

Experience the wonder of discovery with the great little game “Small Worlds” by David Shute. The soundtrack used in the game is (of course) available here! Aftermath Serene Frost Waltz To the Ends Sad Trio

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Nice Exchange 2009, Volume Two!

The first offer is over and done, but a new one is just begun, and chances are, you’re already registered! This one works like the last one… but easier. Go to Rhe’s Mad Men entry here Register for the site,

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Graph Paper Addition

Inverted Graph Paper Inverted (white-on-colour) PDF Generator

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I went into this film expecting to be horribly grossed out and not at all amused. Turns out, I was about two-thirds right with that guess. The good news is, if you can survive the first ten minutes or so

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Bruce Willis with hair! When’s the last time you saw that? We’re talking bleached-blond surfer-dude hair that flops over his forehead. And yet, after the first moment of shock, it doesn’t look all that silly, which is a pretty impressive

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