A Request

There is a problem of worlds.
A user of incompetech with a developmentally disabled/challenged young adult son asked to purchase a CD of “Fluidscape”.

I don’t offer CDs, and I don’t have the ability to make them. The user has a MacMini (no CD drive) and cannot make one herself.

So – I ask a favor of the community.
Can you make a CD with that track on it and mail it to her?

Please let me know, and I’ll get you her mailing address (it is in the United States [California]).


Update! Thanks. Jared has offered to send a CD.


Well, I’ve been falling behind on my emails – but I’ve just hatched a plan to help everyone in a MUCH more timely manner.

You can ask questions or post your thoughts and comments at the Support-o-matic!! (Available under the “Contact” link on the top of every page.)

Also! I got minions to help!

Randy Morton – EndlessGrind78 at YouTube
Chris Wager – Wagerbomb at YouTube

I’m also going to be answering the support tickets.

The Harry Fox Agency and the Public Domain

Okay, everyone – check your videos!

I just got off the phone with the Harry Fox Agency. We have a working plan to get things straight for the future!

If you have had a claim against your YouTube videos from the HFA while using my music, please email me the link to the video (subject line HFA).
It does not matter if you contested the claim or if the claim is still active.

These are some known pieces they have claimed, but there may be others.
– Also Sprach Zarathustra
– Cello Suite #1 in G
– Sheep May Safely Graze
– Wagner Bridal Chorus
– Egmont Overture
– In the Hall of the Mountain King

Alternately, if you are a YouTube searching God – and you can find examples of these claims on something that is not your video, that would also be wonderful!
I only need three or four examples per piece, but I’ll take all you can find.

After we get all of this sorted out, I’ll start working on “Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society”.

Thanks everyone!

– Kevin

The Joys of Free Music

One might think is is simple to record music and distribute it for free online, but there are companies that work against people who do this.

Recently, I was sent a round-up of a very nicely organized pile of issues. You can check it out here:
http://leoxdmusic.wordpress.com/incompetech/content-id/ (Thanks, Leo!)

I have issues with everyone on this list. But let me take just one of them, and explain exactly why they are a pain: The Harry Fox Agency.
These guys are amazing. They have entered a giant pile of public domain compositions into YouTube’s ContentID database. Not recordings (which are still under copyright) but compositions – some of which date back 300 years or more. Do they have the rights to do this? Not by any laws I’ve ever seen. Why does YouTube allow them to claim ownership of compositions written hundreds of years ago? I have no idea.

According to Leo’s list (linked above), they will (through their own inaction) eventually release the claims that are placed on videos uploaded to YouTube if you contest them, so I guess that is ‘good’.

What The Harry Fox Agency should do is remove all claims to music in the Public Domain, and refund all of the money they earned on those claims to the people who uploaded the videos.

There is a notable absence on this list: The Orchard Music. This company had erroneously claimed an large number of videos that used my music. I contacted them many times to remove the bad assets from the ContentID database. Well, they didn’t actually do that at first – but they did release the claims on all of the videos that I found.

So I did some more research, and provided them with over 100 falsely claimed videos (and zero correctly claimed videos). They eventually removed the bad asset from the ContentID database. They kept all of the money from the false claims, but persistence can pay off! :-)

The sad note on this is… after all of those false claims were cleared up, Harry Fox came in and laid claim to those videos.

So if you work for Harry Fox, or know someone who does, I would love to talk to you about how it is possible to claim ownership to Public Domain compositions.


Available now in Czech

Connect5 NeoN

Here is a nicely polished game that is free until October 26th, 2012. Connect5 NeoN. Go get yours now if you have an iPad!

I played it a bit… and if you play on the easiest difficulty – you can actually feel a little smart that you can beat it.
Not sure if it is possible for a human to beat it on the high difficulties.