How to: The Music Business

Flock of Giraffes
I get a lot of requests for people wanting to know how to “get into the music business”. Some people are honestly confused – which is understandable, because I’m actually IN the business, and I am still confused. This document is for all of the people who make music – and want to make music more.

This document is not a happy/flowery/you-can-do-it document. But, I understand negativity turns people off, so I’ve included the positive (and very very wrong) version of things as well.


Spikey – Public Domain piece

I added a new piece into the Public Domain over at – available in the unclassified electronic section. Also available for download at SoundCloud for a limited time.

I had hopes for this one, but it proved to be too difficult to produce easily, so this is the best it gets.

June 15th Event

What: YouTube Channel Music
Where: Google+ Hangouts
When: Saturday, June 15th – Noon(isg) Eastern until we’re done
Cost: $0 (donations are always appreciated)

I get a lot of requests to do simple intros for YouTube channels. People want unique music to identify their channels. I expect that I’ll be able to do from 10 to 35 pieces…

Randy the incompetech helper gnome will be there to help wrangle the projects in real time.

Stuff you’ll need:
– A google account capable of getting on a hangout.
– Your channel (one channel per person)
– Specifics:
* Length (3-22 seconds)
* Music feel (chill? invigorating? quirky? other things?)
* Your email address – so I can send you the piece

What if I can’t make it? Then you won’t be there.
Are you going to do this again? I don’t know.
Why are you doing this? Writing music for a single project takes time. Lots of time.

more info coming as I think up more info!!