My First iPad App

Though it may be my last, I made my first iPad app this morning.

Its job is just to look cool while hanging on a wall. Also, it tells you what time it is in a mildly easy-to-read font called Monaco. Come to think of it – I think that’s what my terminal is set to.
Just head there with your iPad, then click on the extras button in Safari and “Add to Home Page”!
It’ll download everything it needs to run to your iPad, and you can use the clock forever and ever after that – even if you’re not online.
Cheers, all!

New Paper?

Yeah, its been a while since that headline came up!

Grid Lined

Grid-Lined PDF Generator – Multiple boxes per each writing line.

It doesn’t need to be as big as it is shown there… you can really cram in the little lines if you want! …for your more-exacting rambling manifestos.

Filler Paper

The people have spoken, and they want filler paper… without so many confusing options.
Behold! Notebook Paper!
It even comes with the new “grad-school” lined option with half the header, and 3.55mm line spacing.
“That’s manifesto paper right there…”
- Forrest