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Neat Pick!

Thanks to the folks at Linux Media Production for such a nice pick! If you already know about incompetech, probably not much more information here for you, but if you’re new to my stuff, it is a neat little story

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Terraria Ep 7

You know what is hard to do? Action scenes punctuated by a lot of dialog. I think it turned out awesome! Enjoy! (There’s a whole lot more of the series… so major spoilers this episode… Start from the beginning if

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Christmas ADVENTure Time!

One of my favorite series is once again underway! Merry Christmas to Martyn, Toby, Lewis, and Elliot!

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The Project

The Kickstarter project for the documentary is coming along! Over $2000 pledged by 50 people! (That is $40 on average) But I’d like to see a lot more people help out on this. It should be really cool. I’m super

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Terraria Ep 5

The end of the episode is so musically cool, I can hardly contain myself. French Horn, Triangle, Harp… you can’t accuse me of subtlety on this one! :-)

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I did a interview!

You can listen to it here! New York Cine #134: Interview with composer Kevin MacLeod, plus Bloodsport, Out of the Furnace and D.C.’s Arrow

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