I did some music and also voice work for this. I downloaded it, but haven’t had time to play it yet.
Looks great. You need pretty recent hardware to run this… super graphics, and all.


The Bugle! and some other stuff…

Super thanks to Andy Zaltzman for the super mention on the newest Bugle episode!

It is that time of year again! Join Martyn, Toby, Lewis, and Henry for their annual Minecraft Christmas ADVENTure!
There is a new episode EVERY DAY up to Christmas, with enough of my music that you’ll be super sick of it by the end of December. :-)

If you don’t follow me on SoundCloud, you can miss out on things I don’t post here, like works-in-progress:

I pay a lot of attention to comments on the unfinished pieces, there are often some really good ideas there.

Melon Drop

Just found out about Melon Drop for iPad. For an indie game, it is super pro on the graphics and level design.

Also, it is free.

Melon drop

Also, it is fun… Except for level 19, which is darned near impossible.

Also, it uses my music… Which is why I’m posting about it. :-)

Connect5 NeoN

Here is a nicely polished game that is free until October 26th, 2012. Connect5 NeoN. Go get yours now if you have an iPad!

I played it a bit… and if you play on the easiest difficulty – you can actually feel a little smart that you can beat it.
Not sure if it is possible for a human to beat it on the high difficulties.