Category: Sightings

Scheming Weasel Cover

This guy is AMAZING!

Cinematic Waves

A new venture from Rafael Krux – beautiful cinematic orchestral music offered for free for anyone to use! He’s working on a second album which should be available in under a month, so bookmark and check back!

4 Time-Saving Tips for Creatives

Caught this video this morning, and I agree with every one of the Tips in the film. TLDW: 1) Fail Faster 2) Embrace Creative Laziness 3) Pick your Battles 4) Let Nothing be Sacred This is the world that I

Interview @ Manumit!

Super cool interview over at Music Manumit! Check it out. Subscribe to Music Manumit: via iTunes | Other via RSS

I’m a Conspiracy!!!

Just a correction to the narration, I don’t do Public Domain music on… that’s over on The other bits about me not existing are pretty dead-on.

Royalty-Free Music Bundle!

There is about a day left on the pay-what-you-want music bundle! You can get it here! Looks like some cool stuff in there… all for about $4!