Silent Film Piano MIDI and Raw

MIDI files are now available for several of the pieces, as well as “unprocessed” m4a file.
Get them here (bottom of the page)!

I should have learned by now just to offer everything up front. Not thinking these would be popular, I didn’t bother linking the “raw” unprocessed versions of the pieces – leaving just a message on the page to email me if you want them.
Well… email me, you did!
I put up all the unprocessed ones I found, along with a few MIDI files that were requested. One person wanted to learn how to play the pieces, and another wanted to use them in a techno mix. If I come across any more MIDIs on the vast wasteland that is my hard drive – I’ll put those up as well.
Lessons learned: Keep better track of projects – even ones you think have little use. :-)