31 minutes; Fun for all

I know, it has been almost a week since my last update. I’ve been slacking. All I have to show for it is nine new tracks totalling 31 minutes.
In the Horror Genre I did five new background pads; Heart of the Beast, Inner Sanctum, It is Lost, Spacial Winds, and The Voices. I also put up a children’s song… because it was creepy. Few things in life are as creepy as a corrupted children’s song. Someone is bound to build a horror movie around that thing.

I also took a request for a crazy funky piece of music like what might be found in a certain genre of 1970’s… cinema (most probably Super-8 format)? That one is called C-Funk. I personally like ProtoFunk a little better for that sort of thing. But you can take your pick.

In the piano section, I found an old piece that I thought I put online ages ago. Sapphire Isle.

And now – the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The best contemporary piano solo in existence!
That’s right. How often do I say something is ‘the best’? Or even ‘great’? Never. That is why you should listen to me. Here is my one piece of hype for me – a composition destined to become the Fur Elise of this century: easy to play, elegant, and most of all beautiful.
Money back is not impressed.
(oh boy, I’m going to get mail on this one!)

One comment on “31 minutes; Fun for all
  1. Brian Lemin says:

    Sure is a great piece, but I was robbed of about 22 seconds! That means 22 seconds less enjoyment!
    Liked the chord structure and the left had bass notes. The theme of course is great. I sure don’t want my money back ,but there are other peices of yours that are just as good.
    What abut a version with a string bass and and drum brushes? Just quietly rhythmic. Is that sacriledge?
    (I apologise if it is.)