Variation on Egmont

More odd music.

This is possibly the most accurate and worst title of my career. It is an electronic-soaked variation of a theme or 2 from Beethoven’s Egmont Overture. If you know the original work, and recognize the title, you’ll probably download and not like the piece – because it doesn’t have any of the brilliance of Beethoven’s pacing.
If you like dance/techno, you probably won’t download this because the title makes it look like something classical.
It has a weird polyrhythm feel because the Overture theme is in a different time signature than the rest of this piece. I did change up the theme in bits and parts, but I mainly kept the off-time feel. You can let it wash over you and be fine – if you think too hard about it – it gets… tough.
Ending is open to mix into your stuff cleanly.