Month: January 2007

Odd combos

Well… I finished off 30 audio pieces today ranging from 3-second sound design cuts to a 7-minute piece for a musical. I’ll assume you don’t want a sound effect of a talking fish and just post some music. Double Drift

Blood and Chocolate

Here I am, reviewing a movie with blood in the title again. Unlike its predecessor, though, this one really isn’t very bloody. The title is from a line in Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf: “I had the taste of blood and chocolate

Hokey Ker-Smokers!

Well… there’s been a pile of upgrades going on here. Here’s the tour! The NameDB just got a major data infusion – adding 24% more names! (that’s a lot of names). The Graph Paper landing page was out-of-hand, so I

Enter the Octagon

Can you cover a plane with regular octagons? Heck no! But that doesn’t stop people from asking… What are they looking for? This (Octagon) ! As a side bet… While doing this, I did find a way to cover a

Moorish Gridwork

I don’t know much about Moorish tessellations, but I got a request and it seems this type of thing would be useful. It took a few hours, but it should save many people much time. Have a look!

Music Notation and Note-taking

I’ve had an astonishing five requests for Cornell note-taking coupled with music notation in the last couple of months. I suspect the demand for this is pretty darned high, so here’s version one: Note-Taking Plus Music Notation Enjoy!