This week I worked on a bunch of short films. These may all seem short, but I actually extended most of them for you.

  • Dark Standoff 44 seconds. Broad low strings.
  • How Swing 50 seconds. Nifty piece. Check it out. Originally written for a 1920’s British audio drama.
  • Disconcerned
    Flute choir… Rhythm from Beethoven, structure from Holst.
  • Feral Chase Orchestral chase music
  • Hamster March Cartoonish pep
  • Plain Loafer Similar to “No Good Layabout”, but not at all similar. I need a new genre for things like this…
  • Radio Martini I really like this one. A cheery sort of ditty. The presence of the clarinet means you probably can’t use it under scenes with dialog, as they occupy about the same frequency range… but the piece I wrote this for didn’t have any dialog, so it does a good job of filling in the space. Also, I love clarinet.

Keep the comments and suggestions coming. Also jobs. I can use more jobs. :-)