Month: April 2007


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Unless of course you’re Cris Johnson, who can see up to two minutes into his own future, and therefore gets as many chances as he wants to make a


Yep, you get two reviews this week! In case anyone’s actually excited by that, though, I should add that this will probably not become a habit with me. It’s just that there was a new Anthony Hopkins movie out, and


I was watching the latest episode of InDigital with Wil, Jessica, and Hahn and thinking… “You know? That music is ‘ok’ but it isn’t perfect.” It should be more of a fusion of straight-up rock (with a little clean funk),

International Graph Paper Day

It is now April 22nd, and you know that means. International Graph Paper Day. And to celebrate, we at incompetech have done some massive upgrades to our services! Faster scripts, smaller files, better color pickers, fewer errors… just all around

Hot Fuzz

Is anyone else vaguely surprised that I’m reviewing this? I am. I never thought I’d even type that particular phrase. But a friend of mine living in England (Hi, JP!) who therefore saw this movie some time ago said that


I’ve made it back alive. In the last forty-eight hours, I’ve watched a Finnish film that made me wish for antidepressants, a Peruvian film that made me question human nature even more than I usually do, and the sixteen short