Some Requests… sort of

Here’s the first batch of requests from people… They’re not all exactly as requested, and I certainly did not do them all!
Erik had an idea… “I think it would be cool of you to compose some Japanese or Chinese music (classical type music, not the modern stuff).”
Well, I don’t know anything about the genre, so I just listened to a few clips off of Amazon. I might have this completely wrong – but this is what it sounds like to me.
Ishikari Lore
Lynette had an idea… “How about some music that could go with footage of driving on a roadtrip? ”
Okey dokey. Here’s another genre I have little experience in. So, I cranked up the GarageBand to see what it can do.
Matt’s Blues
Kristin has an idea… “How about some ancient type music. Or something that’s reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Like harps and flutes in a minor key.”
This one is a quite reserved sort of formal dinner kind of ancient music feel. I still might do another one that is more militaristic.
Temple of the Manes
And, I have an extra one… “Ominous Intro“. This one was written for a stage production that opened yesterday in Chicago. So if you’re in Chicago, go see this. It is very VERY good. And really REALLY inexpensive pound-for-pound considering the enormous entertainment it dishes out.
Get Downsized. I personally guarantee you will enjoy it… and I don’t care what demographic you’re from. mmm… maybe not Goths. But maybe! If you’re a Goth, and you go – let me know what you think of it!