Month: October 2007

Note-Taking X4!

For those of you who wanted the note-taking paper in other orientations – those options are now available in all varieties… lined, graph, and music notation! Need the summary on top? No problem. How about the cue area on the


It must have been dozens of times you’ve come to this site looking “just the right kind of perspective grid” for your project… Well, after years of requests… and several headaches induced by API2 module documentation, it is finally here.

Short Update

I’ve been doing lots these last couple weeks. But not much made it up here… including 2 musicals. But here’s a small pile of things… NewsSting – a simple news-y intro Eyes Gone Wrong – an intense but reserved transition

New Triangles

Variable Triangle PDF Generator. Still experimental… in that it should work, and appears to – but I’ve no real way of testing it. If you need some isosceles triangles that cover a plane, but something other than the equilateral-type… this

Gone Baby Gone

I already knew Ben Affleck couldn’t act. I’m still trying to decide if he can direct. He did manage to write a pretty good screenplay — some of the dialogue was a little awkward in places, but otherwise he did

We Own the Night

Joaquin Phoenix and Clive Owen on the same weekend? Such a terrible decision… I really don’t see why they can’t spread the good movies out a little better. Sigh. Anyway, historical epic was narrowly beaten out by crime drama, and