Month: November 2007

More unclassifiables

A neat piece featuring Logic’s UltraBeat, the EVP88 electric piano, the EVB3 organ, a few new synths, and a voice from Apple’s Voices add-on. Uses? No idea. AhDah Holy-super-chilled-out piece featuring a Fender fretted bass. Is this jazz? It doesn’t

I’m Back

After an extended trip out to NYC, I picked up a few ideas (to say the least) – so here’s one of the first, a very warm trance-inducing piece. Opium I was considering doing an entire collection of pieces like

The Mist

More properly Stephen King’s The Mist, of course, but I’m in denial about having seen yet another horror flick. I don’t know where I find the courage. But I survived this one a lot better than The Others, at least.

Redoing Other People’s Music

Last night, I went to see Saltimbanco from Cirque du Soleil. While the acts were fine, the music was very dated, and often not appropriate to the performances. For me – it detracted from the show quite a bit (though

You Tube?

Ok… I knew I was on YouTube in a few things. But randomly today, I found out just how many. I picked out three things… completely unrelated, and found my music in all three. (unattributed. seriously people, how much am

Someone need to sing-along?

I’m just finishing up a pile of sing-along Christmas pieces for a stage production. Being seasonal, I decided to get them out as soon as possible. Super-peppy sing-alongs! Right now, they are the first four pieces on this page. “Up