Month: January 2008

Cantina Blues

I’m trying a new posting style. Here’s the video. And the link to the piece. Cantina Blues

Pronunciation Help

Crazy Request

Sometimes I’m in the mood for odd requests. There’s no rhyme or reason to these… I just got an email requesting a tango today. So I did some research, and figured out what a tango is. I got some help

Soundtrack – Volume Two

And… here’s some more music. All orchestral and soundtrack-like. Interloper Faceoff Grave Blow The Chamber Cheers.


One of the first things that happens in this movie is that we get a little camera’s-eye-view of a camera being moved from one end of a room to another, and I had the most awful Cloverfield flashbacks. Thankfully, that

Soundtrack – Volume One

Ok, I’ve been holding out on you guys. I’m working on a feature film right now, so I’m kind of taking the time I used to use for posting new things and using it to create new things. Here’s a