Month: May 2008


New musics. Achilles – Written as theme music for an epic drama. This starts broad and kicks into awesome at 0:27. Bass Vibes – This piece gets a little atonal in parts. Takeover of the 8-bit Synths – This… uhh…

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

That’s the longest title I’ve had to type out yet, I think. But admit it; you’re humming the theme right now. You can’t help it. There are people in Outer Mongolia who know that tune. And it’s all back —

No updates in a while…

Um… sorry everyone. I have been working – just not really hard recently. There’s lots of reasons. In any event. Every now and again, I find a video with my music in it that, for some reason or another, I

Identity help

I got an email today asking what the piece of music in this is: Bringing Out The Beasts I know I wrote it… but I have no idea what it is called. Email me at if you know! Thanks!

Iron Man

You’ve seen the trailers (probably). You’ve read the comic books (maybe). Now Iron Man hits the big screen! To me, Robert Downey Jr. is kind of like Jude Law. They both act so pompous and self-important that I always think


Did you ever have someone ask your opinion on something, a book or maybe just an odd piece of news, and absolutely the best thing you could come up with was “okay” or “fine”? Because whatever it was made so