Month: March 2009

Damsel Part 8

Damsel In This DRESS! Rhe De Ville ~ CUTLETS ~ Chapter 1by Rhe_De_Ville Cheers!

Pieces named for people

Quinn’s Song These 3 pieces were written for the character of Quinn in “The Weakness“. Check out episode 7. — Freddy’s Menagerie was written for a custom juggling routine in 3 parts that was done at a competition. It is

Unrelated Music Post

Ghost Dance Swimmey Texture Aftermath Awkward Meeting So much for descriptions… :-) Enjoy!

I never do this…

I was sent a short animation of such pure awesome, that I’m going to break my own rules, and ask you to leave my website to go watch it. Please come back afterward. Enjoy! Otis v. Monster

Electronica, among others

Before we get too far… Somewhere Sunny has been updated and lengthened with Version 2! And, a horror piece – One of Them. It sounds like a Long Note piece, until you get into it a ways. And now: Electronic

Blue Paint and Corncob

Blue Paint Calm piano solo centered around a repeating Ab motive. 20 seconds before end, the motive expands slightly with an added harmony. Could be used to underscore a somber montage, or the carrying out of something regretfully important. Corncob