Month: November 2009


Have you ever wondered how movie trailers are made? I have. Mostly, though, I wonder why it is that so often, absolutely all the good stuff is in the trailer and if you then watch the movie expecting more good

Planet 51

Yes, I was the only grownup in the theatre without a kid in tow. This is my first time reviewing a movie aimed at the younger set, so it was kind of an experience. And I wasn’t really sure what

Jiggle Balls: Spikes!

Another iPhone game… And I have 5 promo codes for this as well. Email me if you would like one. Available in the US App Store.

Giant Freaking Kaleidoscope

So… what happens if you make a kaleidoscope with three foot wheels and giant mirrors? You film the thing for an hour and sell it on Etsy! Have you seen high quality kaleidoscope footage before? Not synthesized filtered electronic things


Apparently, someone that worked on this film is from Wisconsin. Or maybe it’s some kind of in-joke. But the fact is, they mention Wisconsin three times in this flick, and the (Wisconsin) audience loved it. As for the rest of

New Piece for guitars

Clear Air. Wide variety of applications. Try it. Is nice. :-) And as a public service, I’d like to highlight some very odd piano pieces that have been up for a while, but will be useful in the ever-popular Silent