Month: February 2010

One of my favorite films

“Luke’s Kitchen” is now available on YouTube! Don’t forget Part 2. Brilliant documentary, methinks.

Video Game Developers!

I just did a series of 4 pieces. You can get them here. Chee Zee Beach Chee Zee Jungle Chee Zee Lab Chee Zee Cave These are all designed for background music for video games, but they can be used

Shutter Island

Personally, I still find Leonardo diCaprio to be kind of an iffy actor. He’s improved an awful lot since he first made me wince in the movie about the really big ship (he did fine in Blood Diamond, for instance),

The Wolfman

Face it. Victorian England is perfect as the setting for a monster movie — any monster movie. It’s lit at night only by candles and lanterns, it’s often foggy, the sun doesn’t show up for days at a time, and

New Software Tests

Just loaded up some new EastWest software, and I’ve been trying some things in between my other project. Here’s a couple of pieces. Nu Flute Consort for Brass Cheers.

Edge of Darkness

I left this movie fully expecting to spot a mysterious black SUV following me, or possibly just get shot dead when I least expect it, since that was what kept happening on the screen. It was almost two solid hours