Month: May 2010

On Holiday

Well, I hoped to get all of my new music posted – but sadly, I didn’t get to everything. I’ll be off the net until about Wednesday – hopefully, I’ll get some new things posted then. I did did 19

New Age Saturday!

When The Wind Blows – Several wind instruments play lilting melodies that are slow and meander through the piece, sometimes bordering on being slightly out of tune. The calm music has an edge of solemnity about it. The ever-present acoustic

Horrific Friday!

The Hive – Cymbals and synthesizers evoke swarming insects, as whirring and clicking noises abound with heavy reverb Redletter – High-pitched strings play above a low drone, while fuzzy noises and cymbal rolls flow throughout. The high strings crescendo and

Americana Thursday!

Sweeter Vermouth – Jazz – The jaunty bass line keeps this short piece moving at a solid pace, while the vibraphone and saxophones play the swinging melody, until the bright, thump of an ending. Use this piece as a slick

Hodge-Podge Wednesday!

Finding the Balance – This is one of my new favorite pieces to listen to. It always ends too soon. Grammophone Taps – Just a little utilitarian recording – if you need it, then you need it. Ibn Al-Noor –

Epic Soundtrack Tuesday

Split In Synapse – A short piece that mixes the symphony with frenzied electronica elements and a dance beat. The horns are blasting and discordant, the synthesizer is manic, the effects disorienting, and the final cresecendo push is loud and