Horrific Friday!

The Hive – Cymbals and synthesizers evoke swarming insects, as whirring and clicking noises abound with heavy reverb
Redletter – High-pitched strings play above a low drone, while fuzzy noises and cymbal rolls flow throughout. The high strings crescendo and quickly cut out as if a knife sliced their throats. A somber melody plays in the final minute, and the noises crescendo and come at you from every angle, symbolic of an attack and a gruesome finale.
The House of Leaves – A simple harp refrain plays a child’s melody, but is torn apart by discordant screeching noises, thumps, growls, and mechanical noises.
Right Behind You – Breathy noises make the hairs on the back of your neck stand, while screeching strings and high-pitched noises are distracting and spine-tingling.