A new kind of entertainment.

Normally, I don’t talk about other people’s creative here – but if you want to be on the cutting edge of entertainment, you need to know about this.
I don’t have a TV, and I don’t own a radio. Entertainment is transcending those media if you know where to look.
Imagine C-SPAN meets Seinfeld meets The Truman Show. A kind of thing you can listen to very casually. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always real.

There are some people who produce media where you get to know them very well. No punches pulled. You get all of their thoughts… including their self-doubt, their problems, their triumphs, their conspiracy theories. Everything that goes on – in detail – unedited.
There is one monologist that I really enjoy – and I think he does ‘real’ better than anyone; Frank Nora.
Right now – Frank is dealing with marketing issues, lunch problems in Midtown Manhattan, the commute (including the infamous “corridor of losers”), persistent con-trails, the problems with sirens, new game inventions… literally hundreds of things.
You don’t need to engage in everything – or anything. It is the sort of thing that you put on and listen to… usually an hour a day or more. How many times can you listen to the same pop music? Why not reconnect with humanity while you live your life?
The Frank Nora Show. Available on iTunes for free every day.